Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Two in one day, wow?

Yes, I know, I posted already today, and yes, I know, I almost never post twice in the same day, however, I felt that I had not provided a post of insurmountable length in quite some time, so I thought, well, I might as well.

1. My house is up for sale. My wife got a new job last June that puts her further away from where we live then where she used to work (which is where I work currently, we used to both work at the same place). So, with that longer commute we hemmed and hawed and have finally made the decision to move. Our house went up for sale two weeks ago and since the listing first appeared, we have had two visits, zero offers. Going forward I will occasionally provide very short posts that will provide the update, somthing like v: 27, o:0. Where we are moving to isn't clear to us yet, it could be any of a number of different neighbourhoods.

2. There are two times as many things as there is stuff when you look into a box that has been opened by someone twice your age. Two more times than that would be half of eight, which is only even if you do not add a modifier which would make it odd. Odd is a word that can describe me even though I am even-keeled emotionally.

3. I am going to go and eat lunch soon, I have about two more minutes before I leave. I have lunch almost every day with the same two friends, friends I see also out of work at least twice a month (like in point two above). We sometimes run dry of conversation as we seem to have covered all of the topics. So I have to come up with inane topics occasionally, which, as you can well imagine, is not terribly challenging.

4. This Sunday we are going to a Cabane a Sucre, something you probably don't have for my regular blog-mates. It is a place where gushing amount of maple syrup are applied to all sorts of heavily laden foods. Also, syrup on snow... yummy.

5. My lunch is leftovers from last night, a noodles and sauce packet of noodles with brocoli and some breaded chicken pieces.

6. I am going to go and eat now.


ghost said...

here's to no heartburn.

L>T said...

1. hummm, I'd like to put our house up for sale, too. What a pain in the ass though.

2. Odd, yes.

3. I'm going vegetatrian because I'm on a diet. inane yes.

4.gushing amount of maple syrup are applied to all sorts of heavily laden foods. Yikes!

5. Boring, but better then a Maple syrup diet.


Debstar said...

Last year I saw a documentary on Cabane a Sucre. What a top idea.
Maple syrup. Yummmmmmmmmm

phx said...

I've never had maple syrup on snow. i've read about it, drooled over the words, but never seen or tried it. and i'm canadian. there's something wrong with that.