Thursday, April 12, 2007


When you haven't, or you have not
When you aren't, or are not
When you won't, or will not

Does this mean you are pregnant?

When does growth end?
When did growth start?

If natural resources are finite and economic growth is base-dependent on natural resources and economic growth is expected and desired in perpetuity, are we facing a climax or a paradox?

When does the sun rise?
When does the sun set?
When do you go to sleep?
When do you wake up?

Do you sleep enough?
Do you fall asleep easily?
Do you remember your dreams?

If we sleep on average one third of our lives, does this mean we are really only experientally alive for two thirds of our years? Is that other third what heaven is like?

If you were to add up the instances of the letter 'i' in this post, you would reach a number.


ghost said...

34. and maybe the unconscious part is heaven, though some of the stuff that i dream, are hellish.

phx said...

had any luck with opinion outpost? i've been emailed about 2 surveys, but both times i wasn't able to finish them because they say "thank you" before it's done--they must only want very specific people and they weed you out during the survey. grrr.

Debstar said...

"Does this mean your pregnant"

It's been my experience that spewing day in day out for 8 weeks usually means you're pregnant.

mëznor said...

Dreams are an extension of consciousness... I find most answers to questions in wakeful life while I'm sleeping. Unfortunately, I don't sleep enough.