Monday, April 16, 2007


yes, we have weather here. Do you have weather where you are? Is it ever a topic of conversation where it has meaning rather than trivial uselessness?


ghost said...

only when the wife and i are engaging in sexual inuendo around the kiddies.

Mercenaria said...

Weather can be interesting when it is extreme.


1) Wow! It's really windy today! I watched the neighbor's recycle bin race down my street!
2) Wow! It's really hot today! I think all of the water in my body has evaporated!


All year but for two weeks in July:
3) Lousy weather we're having, eh?

For two weeks in July:
4) Nice weather we're having, eh?

Debstar said...

When I went to England many years ago everyone would say "Lousy weather we're having, eh?". I sometimes thought that maybe they were really asking what I thought of their country as a whole, not just the weather, so I made a point of making a positive statement like how much I enjoyed snuggling up in front of a fire on a cold day.

In fact it was the wettest summer they had had in 30 years. It rained 26 days out of the 30 we were there, and that summer was colder than any Oz winter I've experienced. For Pete's sake we were in front of a fire in the middle of summer, in the middle of the day. I'm glad we didn't stick around for winter as well.

phx said...

It's becoming more interesting now that the weather is gettig more wacky. It snows in spring and two days later we're outside in t-shirt...

L>T said...

we have two kinds of weather here,
raining & not raining.
If it's raining, "I wish it would stop raining."
If it's not raining, "We need rain."

Trivial? I think not! How else does one evoke the weather god?