Wednesday, May 23, 2007

business trip & stuff

Next week I'll be going to XXXXXXX XXXXX, XX (patterned after OE's method of disguising place names), leaving Monday evening and returning Friday evening. I am going because XXXX (masked acronym of the company I am working with) needs help writing SQL statements to read off of a group of export tables that my company's software writes to. I figure this should only take half a day, but XXXX has requested I be there for four days. Time will tell how this gets reconciled.

Between now and next Monday I have to paint the flower boxes on the deck in the backyard, paint the front door of the house, paint the person-door of the garage, paint the garage door, paint the garage door frame, paint the person door of the shed, paint the garage door of the shed, replace the ramp to the shed, put more soil into the flower boxes that I previously painted, plant flowers and herbs in the flower boxes and open the pool.

Yes, a busy time.


Debstar said...

In Queensland we have a beer called XXXX. I thought you were going to talk about much beer drinking when I first looked at your post.

I think that when you finish all your painting you will need a XXXX.

ghost said...

what is it about this time of year?

Phil Plasma said...

Deb, I don't drink beer.

ghost, it isn't so much about being this time of year, it has to do with having my house on the market and wanting to make it more presentable.

Phil Plasma said...

Oh and btw, last night I managed to paint:
the flower boxes
front door of house
person-door of garage
garage door
garage door frame

second coat on front door
second coat on garage door

Hopefully I will have as productive a night tonight as I did last night. The nice weather has been helpful.

Debstar said...

Well done Phil. I know what, I will drink the beer for you.