Thursday, May 31, 2007

fly a kite

wash your sink
plant a tree
go bowling
eat a fruit
sell some furniture
osmote perilously
remain calm
deny victory
embalm your left foot
be the master
sell your soul
feed the cat


Melissa said...
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mëznor said...

casus belli
turkish delight
organ harvest
rejected fowl
storied franchise
guttural scream
stymied sculpture
sun and moon
fuzzy navel
slithering noobies
kangaroo feet
bittersweet loss

Paul F. said...

go inane
dig a hole
wind a clock
keep a secret
be somebody
lick some salt
pierce a brow
lose yourself
cry a river
burn a bridge
eat chopped liver
curb a car
ride a trolley
challenge somebody
brave a storm
skip to the loo
have a blast

The OE said...

Destroy the enemy

Debstar said...

kiss your wife