Thursday, May 10, 2007

table tennis

or do you call it ping-pong?

At my work place they have brought in just such a game in the last two weeks, and I and two friends play pretty much every lunch time.


If it were profitable enough, I would open up a center and organize leagues and tournaments and coaching and facilities for elite players. I would make this my life project and enjoy watching kids come in and develop and become Olympic level, and slowly improve my own skill, all having fun and getting some good exercise at the same time.


Debstar said...

I don't care what it's called, I love it too. We used to have a ping-pong table in the garage but when we played we kept losing the balls under or behind all the assorted junk we keep in there, so we ended up getting too frustrated looking for balls and stopped playing for ages. Eventually we gave the table away.

ghost said...

i call it ping pong and ive got mad skills. im talking chinese olympics type skills.

L>T said...

I like it too, our neighbor down the street has a table. Even if I'm not playing I like to watch. It's hypnotic.