Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Yes, it came up in conversation today. Someone was talking about how calm I typically am, and I said that I was unflappable. The three of them looked at me with a confused expression on their face. They had never heard the term before.

How is it that I had? Do I read more? Do I write more? I don't know, but certainly I have come to learn that if you have a fairly good vocabulary you come to know that there is usually a single word that describes a person, thing or situation perfectly.


ghost said...

i think im having deja vu. i'll still go with spartan for myself. unflappable. good word. i use it quite often.

Debstar said...

Unflappable....mmmm I thought it was a pretty common word. I am not unflappable. I wonder if that makes me flappable.

The OE said...

And strangely, sometimes it's best if that word goes unspoken

L>T said...

It does come from reading & doing more reading then conversation I think. & what I think is, doing a lot of reading when you are young, perhaps?

Also, the type of reading you do & your overall interest in words.

I struggle to articulate in real life. If someone asks me a direct question, sometimes I cannot answer. Even though I understand what they are saying & I understand how I feel the issue.

Mercenaria said...

I have been familiar with 'unflappable' for a long time. I like birds. They for the most part flap as well as peep and poop. You're not a bird, and that definitely makes you unflappable. Though I think I may have seen you flap your arms... perhaps while swimming or while riding some kind of unicyclical device.