Wednesday, June 20, 2007

blue is how many

what kind of underwear is beneath the apparel of a person that you like to look at but have never spoken to?

When is the best time to wake up?

Thursday isn't so much of a name of a day as it is a day after a day that precedes it which is only one of two days that has more than two syllables.

Stay healthy!


Debstar said...

I believe Brad Pitt models Calvin Klein. As long as they're clean I don't care what kind of undies he wears.

One o'clock

I don't care much for Thursdays.

I just had natural yoghurt & apple for breakfast. Hopefully that will keep me healthy for now.

The OE said...

Just make sure you've recently changed if you plan to drive across the international date line.

Phil Plasma said...

deb: one o'clock AM or PM?
oe: sound advice

Debstar said...

either. doesn't matter