Friday, June 15, 2007

milking it for what it's worth

well, what is it worth? And how exactly do you 'milk it'?

Such idioms when taken literally often do not make a whole lot of sense.

Today is Friday, or at least, that is the day of the week that I compose and write this post. Funny that, I am composing and writing at the same time - when you post a reply or a blog post, are you writing or are you composing and writing?

I'm less confident about something for which I have little confidence as compared to something for which I have lots of confidence. Confidence is a funny thing, it can come and go as it pleases based on simple things like who is in the room, what time of day it is, what clothes are being worn, what was eaten for breakfast or how loud one speaks.

Drive safely!


The OE said...

Organic better it is would Pullo, always brash and confident say

Debstar said...

Friesians are good milkers. They're big cows so they're worth alot.

Debstar said...

Brash and confident Pullo would always say it is better organic.

Would brash and confident Pullo always say it is better organic?

Waaaaa! I want to be a secret agent too.

You have odd blogger friends Phil, I like them.