Monday, June 18, 2007

sloppiness isn't cadaverous

What a funny name that is, joystick. It is used to play videogames.

What would be the third thing that comes to mind that you would use ten thousand dollars for if you received it as a gift with absolutely no strings attached?

Are dirigibles a quaint item that persists from a past that saw them as exotic travel means, or do they have a future that is larger than how we seem them today?

Tomorrow I celebrate the completion of my second seventeen and begin my fifth seven. No matter what that means to you or me, every day each of us gets a day older.


ghost said...

pay off my wife's car.

The OE said...

A dirigible of lottery tickets seizes the day

Debstar said...

You could remain in your 20's for a bit longer. Tomorrow (or is that today?) you'll be 20-14.
Happy Birthday to you.

ghost said...

happy birthday, mi amigo