Thursday, July 17, 2008

flying low between the pebbles

1. What biodegrades more quickly, snot or ear wax?

2. What is the half life of belly-button lint?

3. If the Sun wore underwear, what brand would it choose?

4. If only one very specific species of tree could sing a calypso, what would the penultimate toothpaste flavour be?

7. Give or take 13, how many male first names begin with the letter J?


Brotha Buck said...

i've seen some months-old snot survive public restroom walls, so I'd say...ear wax!

Debstar said...

1. eeeeeeuuuuuu
2. The half that's spent in the belly.
3. Now that's just plain silly.
4. And that's even sillier.
5. There's only 2 J's of importance to me in my life.

Debstar said...

I just came across a weather website so I checked out Montreal. I was wrong our winter is most definately not as hot as your summer, thank goodness. I guess I thought seeing as it gets so very cold in winter there then your summer weather wouldn't be that bad but 29 degrees is getting there. Hope you've been able to get in some swimming.

moof said...

the elephants are coming.