Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It is raining under the surface of the ocean

I would like to have seen Montana.

Watched a movie last night, can you guess which one?

As we were driving by a BK two nights ago I said to my son, 'I'm not sure if we've ever taken you to a BK, it seems to me you've never been there'.

He replies, 'yeah, I don't think so either, can we go there now?'

We had just left a friend's house where we had had supper so we weren't going to stop, but I didn't bother replying figuring it was a rhetorical question. About two minutes later he pipes up: 'Actually, I did go to BK, do you remember when we went to Bob's race and after the race on the way home we stopped to eat there?'

My wife and I look at each other, amazed... he is recalling an event that happened when he was four years old. He just turned six this April.

I wish I had the memory that my six year old son has!


handmaiden said...

I wish I had the energy of a six year old. I'm guessing BK is Burger King?

I see that you like "Life of Pi" I just read that book. It was great! I loved the ending.

Phil Plasma said...

Yes, BK is Burger King.

I loved the whole book: how it was written, the fun the main character had at the beginning with the ministers of the different faiths, the descriptions of how it was out on the raft, the relationships with the animals... I could read the book again and again.

I've read a few other really good books since I read that one, I ought to update my list.

Debstar said...

I still remember an event that occured when I was almost 3 years old though it had nothing to do with food. Maybe I should blog about it, it couldn't be anymore more boring than my recent posts.

handmaiden said...

I had a funny thing happen. I thought I'd read a book that I hadn't. People had been asking me if I've read "The Handmaidens Tale". I always said yes, because a couple of years ago I read a book that I distinctly remember had a handmaid in it & since I read books sometimes without even considering the author & apparently the title in this case, I just assumed I'd read the book in question. Now I HAVE to read the book so I don't have to go & tell all those people I was wrong. I hear it's pretty good.

phx said...

I remember driving in Northern Ontario with my family, one of my bros was around 6 at the time, and it didn't matter where we were--one some random road, or in the middle of a lake--we could ask him which direction we were going (N,E,S,W) and he'd know. It was the most incredible things...

I think we are all born geniuses and we just get dulled over time by--well, I don't know. Media? Caring what other people think? Trying to fit in?

Either way, I think all kids are brilliant. :)

Phil Plasma said...

We read A Handmaid's Tale in our book group ages ago. I remember having enjoyed the book, but not much else.

Brotha Buck said...

Occasionally, I can remember events from as early at 3. Fleeting memories.