Monday, July 21, 2008

spelling without mayonnaise

Did you know that where I live there is an SQ, SAQ and SAAQ?

A prize awarded to any non-local reader of my blog who is the first to provide the meanings behind all three acronyms.


phx said...

SQ: Sûreté du Québec--Quebec Security

SAQ: Société des alcools du Québec--Quebec Alcohol Corporation

SAAQ: La Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec --Erm... Automobile Insurance?

Phil Plasma said...

phx wins!

Though perhaps you have an advantage over others in that you live in Canada.

The SQ is our provincial police force.

The SAQ is the only store that you can buy hard liquor and specialty wine, beer and common wines can be sold at grocery or corner stores.

The SAAQ operates the no-fault car insurance and registration program in Quebec. We are still required to seperatly have car insurance, however.

handmaiden said...


phx said...

my only advantage was getting on google quickly. :)

supertomek said...

thats my girl - i taught her everything she knows :)
well, strictly speaking that's bs - she taught me to look online for whatever might be preoccupying my wee little mind at any given time. i am now wikipedia's worst resource hog.
so how about a best alternative phrases/words for the acronyms contest? i like the sasquatch - that'd go well with SAQ. guess it'd just be "squatch" for the SQ then. and "saasquatch" for the last one? no, i'm not gonna win with these...

phx said...

so where's my snuffleupagus?