Monday, August 04, 2008

caution: spiders at work

Garrulous is not a word that has ever been used to describe me.

garrulous –adjective
1. excessively talkative in a rambling, roundabout manner, esp. about trivial matters.
2. wordy or diffuse: a garrulous and boring speech.

However, on the dinner/dance cruise I went on with some other people Saturday night I made a concerted effort to be more of a conversationalist. I did okay on first opinion questions but need work on follow-up questions.


Debstar said...
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ghost said...

i dont believe that word has ever been used to describe me either. laconic was used once. i had to look it up.

Debstar said...

Sorry that deleted comment was me, not making sense.

It's all about open questions Phil.

If you ask people about their life/kids/work then they will probably prattle on for hours. Most people like talking about themselves.

It takes practice and effort to ask open questions easily. You could practise on your kids & wife. Sometimes, when you get a particularly garrulous person, it is wise to not ask open questions.

mëznor said...

never loquacious, either?