Tuesday, September 09, 2008

blog hopping

I had to come to work tonight as there is something I needed to get done. Doing what I needed to get done requires starting something, waiting for it to either succeed or fail for eleven or eighteen minutes, and then if it succeeds, kick it off again, if it fails, figure out what is wrong, try to fix it and start it again.

So, there are periods of time that I am waiting for the results, and during that time I have been blog hopping and have left an occasional remark here or there. If I have and you happen to come back and visit my blog, hello! If I haven't and you happen to visit my blog, also hello! If you don't visit my blog at all, please move forward two spaces but you do not collect 200$ if you land on GO.


handmaiden said...

Oh for christs sake! some times i just want to hold you down & say STOP!

handmaiden said...

Fishy phil, Now don't get all floppy on me. It's the word thing. Some times i just have a hard time trying to "pin down" what you are saying.

Phil Plasma said...

So don't try to 'pin it down', instead, make placemats.