Monday, September 08, 2008

elbows and milk

Modifying your gait to change the pace or amplitude serves no purpose other than to fool those who base their identification ability on evidence of gait.

I, for one, occasionally eat oatmeal.

Perpetual ignominious behaviour must have an adverse affect on personality.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff corroborates a mechanism that polishes an idea of unkempt laundry detergent.

How deep one digs in a school yard sand box speaks to nothing concerning the local barometric pressure.

Mindless banter between two really good friends can often be a precursor to more mindless banter.


meznor said...

no banter is mindless.

the pressure is rising.

i've never smelled gain laundry detergent, but the commercials make me curious.

ignorance is bliss.

it's not oatmeal.

amplifying gout is not a good idea.


ghost said...

and we all need more mindful banter in our lives.