Monday, September 15, 2008

Run Update

The treadmill in the gym where I work is a Trotter 545. For whatever reason the first time I ran on it I was able to get the total time I ran, but the second and third times I ran it seemed to go directly to the welcome screen without giving me any statistics. I've spent the last four minutes searching on-line to see if I can find the instruction manual that comes with that treadmill to no avail. I challenge any of you readers who have any spare time to come up with that manual as it is not in the gym presently.

I ran the first half of the 5km program at 7.5mph, then over then next km worked my way up to 8mph and then ran 8mph to the end. I did a rough calculation and gave myself a 24:43 minute run. This is a further 3:11 better than my previous run and 5:12 over my first run.

I was pushing it, however, and further improvements will be a little more costly in terms of the toll on my body.

I've worked out a potential 2.5km loop that starts at my house to do the run on pavement rather than on a treadmill, so I would do two laps. Hopefully I'll get the chance to test this route out sometime in the next two weeks.

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