Friday, October 31, 2008

Barnacle Chasing in the night

If I was to make this post thematically involved with respect to the date today I would certainly do just that.

However, I could also refrain from posting about anything topical and instead, post what my blog-mate Debstar would call: utter drivel.

So far I believe I am succeeding in this post, at least, with respect to posting drivel as I have not yet provided any material of substance. This differs slightly with what Debstar would call drivel as her drivel posts actually contain some form of content, be it trivial or otherwise.

Oh darn... I now de-trivialized or un-driveled this post by actually providing you with information.

I guess I'll have to try harder next time.


Zhoen said...

The line between drivel and lack of drivel is very fine, and perhaps has been smeared into non-existence.

Debstar said...

I know that classing most of my posts as utter, utter drivel is self-depreciating however I do not see that anything I write has any substance to it at all so while it is not completely nonsense it is still drivel.

Debstar said...

Oh and there is no point trying harder to write utter, utter drivel. That is a talent one is born with.