Saturday, November 29, 2008

the end...

... of leaf raking for this fall. I just completed the raking of the back yard, added seven more bags to my total.

Today's leaf bag count: 7
Total leaf bag count: 64

I thought at the beginning of the leaf raking season that it would take 55 bags; I clearly underestimated.


Debstar said...

And this is the reason why your weight is maintained. All you seem to do is rake or shovel. What great exercise though possibly a little irritating.

handmaiden said...

Apparently, there is no shortage of leaves this year.

Leaf soup, anyone?

ghost said...

whatcha gonna do with all those bags of potential fertilizer?

Phil Plasma said...

deb: I have a cookie eating habit that I have just started to stop. This cookie eating habit pushed my weight up, now I have to bring it down again, leaf raking and snow shovelling is insufficient.

handmaiden: With the number of mature maple trees on my property, there will never be a shortage.

ghost: my town has what is called an organic materials collection where every Tuesday through the fall that take whatever organic material (in my case, leaves) and bring them to a large municipal composting center. Next spring I plan on going to that composting center to retrieve my composted leaves to add them to my garden.