Sunday, November 23, 2008


It is a clear and crisp Grey Cup Sunday, I've added three more bags to my leaf count but still have not completed the raking of the back yard.

Shortly we'll be going over to a friend's house to see if the Als can beat the Stamps for the cup. My wife has made chili and we'll also be ordering in some pizza.

Our Christmas shopping is about three sevenths done.

Today's leaf bag count: 3
Total leaf bag count: 57


handmaiden said...

So 399 people are getting a bag of leaves for Christmas? ;]

Phil Plasma said...

I'm not sure where you got the 399, as 57 is 3/7ths of 133.

As for giving bags of leaves to people for Christmas... it would be too difficult to wrap.

Debstar said...

When In-The-Middle was about 4yrs she stripped our trees of bark, bagged it and then sold them to the neighbours for 10c a bag. That kid was always coming up with odd ways to make money.

handmaiden said...

Hmmm, well lets do the math.

You said your Christmas shopping was 3/7th's done. If you have 57 bags of leaves & everyone is getting a bag of leaves for Christmas & 57 is 3/7ths of your christmas gifts then 7/7ths is 399.

Elementary, Watson.