Friday, December 12, 2008


For the second time in my adult life my body went into shock last night as I managed to slice off a part of the tip of the middle finger of my right hand.

I hope this is reason enough that I kept this post


ghost said...

how did you manage this, phil?

Phil Plasma said...

use google image to find 'pampered chef mandolin'. I was pushing carrots through the V-shaped cutter, holding the carrot in my right hand, thumb on the back side, index and middle finger on the leading edge side, going too quickly I did not realize that the carrot had gotten so low, so the next slice had a part of my middle finger in addition to the carrot.

This post and reply typed completely with my left hand.

Debstar said...

ouch!ouch!ouch! I bet there was blood. Lots of blood.

Zhoen said...


Are you well bandaged?

Phil Plasma said...

There wasn't a lot of blood, maybe two table spoons worth.

I went to the hospital in emergency and was seen almost immediately. The Dr. indicated that the cut went through the epidermis and the dermis but not as deep as the tendons or muscles. I also lost a part of my nail and the nail bed beneath it. The nurse who wrapped me up made an huge bulbous wrapping, four pieces of 4"x4" 4-ply wrapping, followed by a full roll of one ply wrapping, she did this much because I was still trickling blood.

I was instructed to replace the bandage 36 hours later and then add Polysporin and a new bandage every day until it heals. I have already replaced the original bandage, the wound still looked very raw and to my untrained eye not a whole lot of evidence of healing. Since the bleeding had stopped, I rebandaged with one 4"x4" 4-ply bandage and about a quarter roll of 1-ply. I can see through it just a tiny bit the vaguest signs of additional bleeding that is probably the result of rebandaging, but as it is nothing more than a subtle discolouring, I'm not too concerned.

handmaiden said...

Those mandolin things are dangerous. I have had one for a long time & have so far managed to not end up in the emergency room.

There has got to be a better way!