Thursday, January 22, 2009

barreling down the bowling alley

Two working days left before my five-week paternity leave. Wow.

Baby's scheduled arrival is 10:30AM January 27th, 2009.

Thank you all for your replies to my previous message, I knew I could count on at least one of you (deb) to indicate it was not necessarily a good post topic.

I am mostly back to feeling normal today. A good night's sleep made a big difference. I'm glad I got this this week as compared to next week.


phx said...

This is really exciting! I wish your wife a speedy recovery from the c-section!

Debstar said...

You better let us know the end result. I want sex, weight, length and hair colour and the computer name you will be giving him/her.

Hope you get to enjoy the time you spend with your family.

Zhoen said...

Sleep is highly underrated.