Monday, January 19, 2009

boxing like a camp ground

People are now counting the minutes before the next President of the United States of America takes over the leadership.

I wonder what the current president will have for breakfast tomorrow.

I've noticed that there a lot fewer people here who fly their kites during the winter. I'm not sure why, there seem to be a lot more windy days.

I'm looking forward to having a more prolific vegetable garden this summer.

As uninspiring as this post may be, it is one of the few that is based solely and firmly on reality.


ghost said...

what? the line you wrote, "letting the negociable half wallow while the pristine half ignites your cerebrum into a telepathic mesmerizer" isnt based on reality?

Phil Plasma said...

That phrase very well may be based on reality, however, can it be said that the entirety of that post is based solely and firmly on reality?

What are the 'shores of bliss'? Is that a real place? How about splitting yourself in two, if you were going to really do that, wouldn't it hurt an awful lot?

Zhoen said...

Reality is overrated.

Eggs, toast, bacon, with a side of salsa. Orange juice, IV coffee.

Too cold to fly a kite in even the best winds.

I want to grow roma tomatoes and catnip on the balcony.

Debstar said...

Things that I have learnt about growing vegetables this year.

If you get ladybugs eating your tomato plants spray with a mixture of 4 parts milk one part water. That gets rid of them but be aware they will just move onto your other plants that haven't been sprayed.

Cow poo makes good fertilizer.

Parsley is the most hardy herb I have in my garden. My rosemary plant also does well but I rarely use rosemary in my cooking.

It appears I learn little from year to year.

meznor said...

A more prolific vegetable garden is a great idea! Need to start one myself.