Tuesday, January 06, 2009

emptying your turbine into the smog

masticating gently, the arbourist fled the scene languorously while contemplating the effervescence of the lint she had just accidentally consumed.

Mixing metaphors is not at all unlike an activity that resembles a barrel of fish carousing with a bunch of crazy monkees.

Selling ice cream on a hot, sultry and humid day is a job best left to people who would do it.


ghost said...

i love to masticate. as evidence i offer my ever expanding waistline.

dairy in the summer is always a bad idea.

Debstar said...

Selling ice cream on a hot, sultry and humid day is a job I'd take in a second if I was allowed to eat the ice cream.
At present my daughter is selling hot dogs on hot, sultry and humid days. She likes the customers (all tourists having fun) and the hours and the pay packet and also the fact that by February she will be back at Uni and won't have to work there except for maybe weekends.

Zhoen said...

Fleeing languorously? Washywishy.

Phil Plasma said...

zhoen: I was wondering if someone would pick up on that odd word combination. When fleeing, people are usually in a rush, for whatever reason this arbourist was not so hurried.