Thursday, January 15, 2009


Our new van has a digital thermometer as well as a digitial compass that has its display above our heads. It read -27C this morning (plus a variety of cardinal points as the vehicle made turns and changed directions).

My coworker and I both got a new PC at work a few weeks ago. She has not disabled the sound and has it rather loud such that when windows sends a sound to indicate something, it carries rather far. I should show her how to turn the volume down, or preferably, off.

After today I have six days left before I have five weeks off. I haven't yet determined what my blog posting and blog reading routine will be, but I will endeavour to not completely disappear during that absence from work.


ghost said...

please don't. though i am often guilty of disappearing when im not here.

Zhoen said...

Knowing where the mute button is at is essential.

Debstar said...

Show her. I'm sure it bothers her too.

Debstar said...

Hubbys car has a reading for temperature too. It read in the low 30's todaty.

Rita said...

All I can say is Enjoy your time off with the new babe. :)

If you don't blog much, we'll understand.