Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two weeks to D-Day

D-Day = Delivery Day.

My wife is scheduled for a C-section on January 27th, so unless the baby has an inclination to arrive earlier than that, that will be his/her birthday.

I have eight days after this one at work, then I get five weeks off as paternity leave where the Quebec government pays me 70% of what my company would pay me.

So I return to work March 2nd.

I will work through March, April, May and the first part of June. Then, from my birthday all the way until Labour day I will be off on Parental Leave, where the government pays 55% of what my company would pay me.

Some companies here in Quebec supplement the Quebec parental benefits program, but mine does not. The Quebec parental benefits program has two options, the basic one is such: Maternity leave - 18 weeks, Paternity leave - 5 weeks, Parental leave - 32 weeks to be taken by one or the other of the two parents or split between them either consecutively or simultaneously. The other option is the same except there are only 25 parental leave weeks, however the pay per week is higher.

What kind of maternity or parental leave programs are there where you are?


ghost said...

amy was afforded six weeks of maternity leave. i had never even heard of paternity leave until i read this post. any time i took off was deducted from my state allowed days, but they only give us five of those total. it doesnt matter hwo we use them.

Mercenaria said...

I can't wait until the bun finally exits the oven!

Best of luck!

(I live in the same ruled place)

Debstar said...

It sucks in Australia. Maternity leave is allowed only in government jobs and with larger employers and the time is fairly limited. None of it is paid for. Many new mums are back at work within 6 weeks sometimes earlier which I think is just wrong. I just googled maternity leave check it out. Looks like Sweden is the place to live.

If you moved the date to 26th Jan little bub could be born on Australia Day.

You know we'll be wanting photos.
After shots thanks, not during the event. hehe

phx said...

Over here we are allowed a year of maternity leave from work.... but as for the dads its up to their individual companies. Tom's company gave him a week of non paid parental leave when LG was born... and I think when LB was born too.

If all goes as planned, your baby and LG will share a birthday! :)

supertomek said...

hey, phx, didnt they pay for that one week, just the few additional days came out of my vacation?
hehe - mercenaria, you're hilarious :D

meznor said...

I don't know anything about either maternity or paternity leaves as they are not in my realm of interest at the moment, but congrats on the almost-delivered baby!

phx said...

oh, well, then that was nice of them! i thought it was unpaid but didn't cut into your holiday time. maybe it was the other way around.

ultimately, though, it seems to be up to each individual company's discretion.