Friday, June 29, 2012

what to do with colours

So I need to create a banner for the camp I help operate. I bought the banner paper, the paint and the paint brushes but do not yet have a plan as to how I will do it.

I will see if I can take some photos as I work it out.

In enormous letters, this: 'Share your Spirit'

And then in smaller letters the following that will be cut away from the banner, and then added in one phrase at a time as the week of camp progresses.

Monday - My Spirit
Tuesday - Make it Shine
Wednesday - Share your Talents
Thursday - Brave Enough to Shine
Friday - Let Your Spirit Shine

Here's all I bought:

Here's a closeup of the paper: two rolls of 4'x12'. The paper is two sided (what paper isn't?) with one side a bit rough, good for water colour, the other side smooth, good for acrylic, which is what I'll be using.

I'm thinking some letters will be front face Cerulean with a 3D edge of Cyan, or a front face of bright green with a 3D edge of Hooker's green.

There can be some letters that are rubine red front facing with a 3D edge of Red Oxide, and then other letters to be one of bright yellow, purple, or phthalo blue.

As is often the case, the cat wants to get in on the action.

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mef said...

AH! Cat! :D

I like your colour ideas. I think they will be bright, cheery, and good for kids.

What kind of font do you see yourself using?