Tuesday, July 24, 2012

celebrate flatulence

Some days I wonder if a large cull of the human population wouldn't be a good thing. I wouldn't volunteer to be one of the first, but if I had to be in the cull vs non-cull side along with a few billion others, what of it?

The days I do not wonder about that, I tend to look forward to having a nap, whether I get to have one or not.


Zhoen said...


Debstar said...

What if, instead of culling, every male on the planet got a vascetomy after their 1st child?

Phil Plasma said...

Deb; that would be too slow.

Margot said...

LIkely it's about to happen anyway. I'm not too attached to my own personal survival, but I think we're pretty well situated in this part of the world.

mef said...

I think people who are able to see the bigger human picture and reason that it's reasonable to self-induce not adding to the human population are exactly the wrong people who should be reasonably deducing that they might ease human suffering by not having children. That is, perhaps, they should not be cullable candidates, however, other criteria might be against their favour.

With my impending matrimony and well wishes from family and people from my dad's hometown during our vacation wishing to see me again next year or the year after "hopefully in three (as in, with a child)", I can't help feel torn about my earlier assessment (against adding to the world's population) about the subject and wonder what a flesh-and-blood child would look like with my dna matched with my fiance, and it makes me smile but also makes me feel incredibly guilty.

Maybe instead of culling we need common sense.

Common sense is a phrase which is laden with lies if I've ever heard such a one.