Thursday, July 05, 2012

Share what?

So I had a bit of help with the painting part, I did all of the lettering part and most of the painting. Either I need a wide angle lens or a taller ceiling to fit the whole thing in as the banner is 12 feet wide. Here is the primary banner in two photos:

In addition to this, we managed to do some of the other phrases on Wednesday:

Today I completed all of the phrases:

I've made two mistakes in the lettering; in 'My Spirit' the spacing is off. In the word 'to' in 'Brave enough to shine' the letter O is too large. There are a few other places that it could have been more perfect, but the message for our purposes is more important than the presentation.


Debstar said...

It is very colourful and eye-catching which is more important. Have fun at the camp.

Phil Plasma said...

Thanks Deb,

Hopefully if I remember, I'll take pictures at camp that I can post here to show how this banner got put into use.

ghost said...

c'mon and shine like it.