Wednesday, July 18, 2012

sideways isn't the wrong herring

Really knowing one's shoe size is unlike any other flatulence.

Planting a tree and imagining it is a planned obsolescence is reminiscent of a fledgling construction apparatus. I should know.

Participating in the Participaction contest is not a pact that an action could part with. Ending a sentence with the word with.

I'd have brought my kite had I known it would be as windy as it was.


Debstar said...

One's shoe size can vary depending on large weight gain or weight loss. I should know.

Phil Plasma said...

Indeed, I wouldn't know as my weight has not varied by more than one percent in any given year. My shoe size has been the same since I was in my seventeenth year.

ghost said...

pickled herring, ive never seen the appeal.