Monday, March 31, 2014

22:37 as a chicken

More and more the people around the world are finally understanding that Anthropogenic Climate Change is wreaking havoc and will continue to increase in severity and duration the metereological catastrophes that plague both land and sea world-wide. Hurricanes, Floods, Droughts, Blizzards, Forest Fires and invasive species are but a small selection of what we, collectively, have to face now and in the coming decades.

The cut of carbon emission that every individual needs to make to lessen the effects of our Global GHG experiment is so severe, only the very few are both willing and able to make the changes needed.

I would need to:
Replace my household oil burning furnace with an electric furnace.
Get rid of both cars that we own.

Doing the former would have some amount of expense, but would end up being carbon neutral as the electricity we get here in Quebec is just about 100% hydroelectric; so while there was damage when the dams were first built, there is no ongoing GHG emissions.

Doing the latter would prove difficult because of the life style we lead. We use our cars to
Ferry the kids to and from school and to and from their activities
To do grocery and other shopping
To visit with friends and family
To go on vacations
One of the two cars takes one of us to and from work every day

Even if we managed to do both of the items listed above (change furnace, remove both of our cars), the net impact that we have as a household is such a tiny bit as compared to what the Oil Sands are doing in Alberta, and what the Coal Power plants are doing in China (among many other major emitters), that it seems silly to go through with these sacrifices. And yet, if we do nothing, and everyone else also does nothing, we become just as much a part of the problem.

So where do we, as individuals, and where do we, as a global society, go from here?

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