Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My desk at work.

Clockwise from bottom left:
Papers - the top one is a list of customers we have ordered alphabetically and on what server their instance is.
Glass of water; I always drink one in the morning and occasionally drink a second in the late morning and rarely drink a third in the mid-afternoon.
Mobile phone.
Secondary monitor - where I typically run two programs: call tracking and Remote Desktop Connection Manager.
Blue thing that is a bracket of unknown use that I flip in the air as a method of subconsciousness activation.
Keyboard and laptop where on my laptop screen I run most of everything else.
Magnetic pen holder in the back that holds one each of a red and blue pen.
Mouse, mouse pad.
Fish that a friend of mine's daughter made for me - I have a rotating art collection and this is here for the months of February and March.
Banana - my snack for around 10:00AM.
'Constant Vigilance' - a reminder to me.
On the divider there is a small Eiffel tower, a large reward that I earned as the Most Dedicated Employee of 2012 and then to the right of it a small inukshuk that I received as a gift from the people I trained at CNA in Newfoundland.

In the surrounding environment you can see one of my coworkers in the background, you can see my chair and you can see a subset of the clocks on the wall that aren't always correctly set due to the global nature of day light savings.


Zhoen said...

You have the most unobtrusive art in a cubicle I've ever seen. It's there, so that counts, but very clean. Very Japanese. Very Engineer.

meznor said...

It's so tidy & minimalist. I like it. I like the colour on the back wall where the clocks hang, too.

I like unclutter as well, but I often have sticky notes with thoughts and to-do things cluttered about. I also have modeling clay to play with my hands if I'm talking on the phone or focusing on something I'm reading.