Friday, April 25, 2014


So moofruot blogged recently about picking paint colours for the painting of rooms in her new home. This reminded me of paint jobs my wife and I have done in our house.

First we did our dining room where we painted a dark yellow on top, a light yellow on the bottom with a chair rail separating the two.

Then we painted G-bot's room where we did a stripe pattern around the room in the middle of the wall. The stripes match his bedding, which when I took this photo was in the basement as the kids slept in the basement the previous night.

Here's a close up of the stripes. It took many days of tape a stripe, paint the stripe, let it dry, paint it again, remove the tape, let it dry, tape again.

Next we did v-8's room. We found a stencil sheet that was stick on to walls and this allowed us to do the polka-dots of the upper and lower colours.

Finally, we painted c-ling's room, just a solid pink colour.

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