Wednesday, June 04, 2014

dolphin whales

So all of the angles have become acute, rendering the author plague-ridden. That only the local feline provides indifferently welcomed telemetry is no coincidence. In each of the seven zones there are cue balls dropped from the table, left to roll around in the dusty undersides. That I forget they are there and then become vilified should come as no surprise, least of all to me. With guidance systems rendered inoperative it is difficult to perceive an appropriate exit.

Some superheroes eat dandelions.


Zhoen said...

Cute little angels... even if they do have the plague. Or it is plaque?

Ant-Man probably eats dandelions.

Phil Plasma said...

One or the other, the sentiment is the same.

Does Ant-Man have a cousin, Aunt-Man?

Zhoen said...

Uncle Guy!

Debstar said...

I've never been much of a cat lover but having said that I have owned 2 cats in my lifetime.