Monday, June 23, 2014


My wife is a software project manager at Fujitsu and was awarded (and could bring her husband) a fully paid for trip to the Four Seasons resort in Nevis (pronounced Nee Vus) in recognition of her outstanding work in keeping her customers happy. Yesterday we traveled here and on Wednesday we travel back.

This morning there is an employee only meeting so I will be free to sit at the beach. In the afternoon is a team building event where we'll be building a boat. Fujitsu has worked it out with a number of restaurants outside of the resort so that tonight we'll be walking from the resort to one of those restaurants to eat.

In advance of the trip we could sign up for different things, I signed up for a catamaran - snorkel combo that runs from 10:00AM until 1:00PM tomorrow, so for the other parts of the day I am free to sit at the beach. Tomorrow night is the awards banquet in the ballroom.

This is a much shorter trip as compared to our Jamaica trip, and it is different in that we don't have our kids with us. That it is fully paid for is awesome.

It is possible that 2014, the year I turned 41, will be the most traveled year I ever have, considering we went to Paris in January, Watch Island in May, Jamaica in May and Nevis in June.


Zhoen said...

Good for you. Nothing like a really nice perk.

Debstar said...

Congratulations to the missus that is something to crow about. There's nothing more enjoyable than a freebie.

The photos of Jamacia are awesome. Now I want to go there. Thanks for posting so many.

Phil Plasma said...

zhoen: indeed.

deb: you're welcome.