Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Canada Day

I am proud to be a Canadian but am disgusted with our Prime Minister and his catering towards industry at the cost of the environment.

I understand that to drive our economy forwards we need to allow for room for industry to grow, but why not put focus on research and development into new technology and improving existing technology? Specifically, look for ways to make the typical Canadian's energy consumption more efficient, and look at ways to develop renewable energy systems that work in Canada.

In particular his support for either of the Keystone or Northern Gateway pipeline projects, his support for tar sands development and his opposition towards any environmental movement irk me.

How he has ruled has also been a terrible example of democracy run amok - he manages to compel his party to his whims at all times thus rendering the government to be an autocracy.

We have an election next year where, if the politicos are correct, Pierre Trudeau's son Justin as leader of the Liberal party will be elected with a majority government. He and his party will have a lot of unwinding to do and they'll need to do it very carefully if they are not going to bump up against general hardship.

In one of my other lives I would have relished studying political science.

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Debstar said...

My government does not make me smile either.