Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Imagining an escape from the

Borrowed a movie from the library this past weekend, it is called 'Once'. I really enjoyed this movie very much. Glen was a great singer, and Markéta did a terrific job in bringing Glen out of his funk with her cuteness.

I would recommend this movie to you.

In other news today is the 15th of the month. That puts us at about the halfway mark between St. Patrick's day and Remembrance Day.

For those of you who know about the lost bolt story, the bolt has been found.

For everyone else, stay tuned for the lost bolt story to be told.


Zhoen said...

A bolt from the blue?

I watched about half that movie, got thoroughly sick of the song, and turned it off.

Debstar said...

I've never heard of that movie but I will look it up next time I'm at 'Video Ezy'.