Saturday, July 05, 2014

Lac de la Carpe

A good friend of mine owns some lake front property on Lac de la Carpe. There isn't any house or building of any sort on the property but he and his family, or he and his kids go there at least three or four times a year, sometimes more. On Thursday evening I went with him and a third dad with kids for his annual Dad with Kids weekend at his lake front property. As it is my first time attending this trip, my children and I get to share the quarters he has in his camper. In subsequent years, presuming we go again, we may have to tent it if someone else goes for the first time. There may be other dad-children combinations coming this weekend, but no one else committed firmly.

I'm hoping that G-bot, C-Ling and V-8 are all enjoying themselves, playing with the other kids that are up at the lake. I'm hoping I get to have a nap.

We come back Sunday afternoon.


Zhoen said...

Grabby Lake?

Phil Plasma said...

I swam pretty far off shore in this lake and it was really neat to feel how there were different pockets of warm water and cool water. And no, it wasn't grabby.

Zhoen said...

Ah, I've swum in lakes like that. But they were grabby, weeds and such.

Debstar said...

A dad with kids weekend is a wonderful idea. I hope you all enjoy yourselves.