Tuesday, August 26, 2014

caution: plaid ink crossing

The meticulous methodology that a prodigy shows in acquiring the acumen necessary for accomplishing what others can only dream of is but a fraction of the difference that status quo people spend watching television programming instead of using their will. I should know.

That vacillating between two steps forward and three steps back is the only baste used in haste wears thin like a hammock on its last legs.

Who knew a hammock has legs?

Going camping in a camper or a tent on a camp site that is made for camping can be nice if the weather turns out nice.

Having the correct sleeping arrangement can make all of the difference.


Zhoen said...

I've only seen variegated ink, but I'd love to have plaid.

I've never had a hammock.

Nothing like a good pillow.

Debstar said...

Me to, I've never had a hammock.
We used to camp when the kids were young but recently our camping entails something with a nice comfy bed and hot and cold running water and a 4 star rating.

We were discussing the idea of camping just the other day, and that our weather is warming up (spring is here) it may happen sooner rather than later.