Friday, August 29, 2014

Let your left heel splinter

Cranial loops, much like fruit loops, loop like a parakeet sings along with a ukelele underwater. The derision that is bereft felt like taking a left. That orange juice is purple!

Mexico as a fishing town has in it a plethora of corpulent vacuums. I should know.

There is a weekend sometime between now and the year 2018. If you choose to recognize this as being true.

This ice bucket challenge, if not blogged about, would be forgotten. Enough said.

I thought that I had already posted about my maternal grandfather having died of ALS, but scouring my blog in search of such a post yielded results that can only be described as null.

Since his passing I read that there is a 10-15% chance that his progeny will inherit this abominable disease.

Collectivism as a tree surgeon reminded Hank of his need to parachute into a field of dandelions while eating Wheat Thins.

That a left-wing politically ignorant realtor would raise a flag sending a message concerning egg yolks to folks who like jokes says nothing about the state of Wisconsin.

That orange juice is fuchsia!

Being a leprechaun in the twenty-teens is probably not the best wrist watch a person with size sixteen shoes would wear.

I would have written 'I should know' as a suffix to the above statement, only I do not own size sixteen shoes, and, I'm not a leprechaun.

Barraging people who only know how to dance clock-wise with painted chickens made of turkey limbs is one of those things that, if it were to make the evening news, would not be the lead article.

Running around in circles is significantly easier as compared to running around in tetrahedrons.

You'd think that if you were to milk a milk truck you'd get a lot more milk than milking a cow; so why don't farmers grow milk trucks?

Celebrating six times a year the passing of an odd numbered day to an even numbered day is one way to get through your wine stash. Another way would be to celebrate the prime numbered days. I should know.

Waking up in California is something I have done once. How about you?

There is likely more to this post, but


Zhoen said...

I have woken up in California a number of times. As well as Michigan, Texas, Utah, Massachusetts, Oregon, Kansas, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, South Dakota, and possibly Wyoming. Also Ontario.

I've woken up in a number of other states, but possibly not more than once.

Phil Plasma said...

That's quite the list. If I were to give it some thought, I think I could produce quite a list also.

Debstar said...

I know the ice bucket thing will disappear from the Facebook community pretty quickly as does most fads on there but if it can raise awareness and maybe some extra funding then all the better. My uncle died of ALS (better known as Motor Neruon Disease in Australia). It's a hideous disease.