Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The best part of being

So, we are having our roof redone and our roofers thoughtfully put a tarp over part of the roof for today's rain storm (about 80mm of rain are expected to fall since last night, all day today and into tonight).

Sadly, they did not cover all of the roof and so the area under the part of the roof that isn't tarped is having leaks that is keeping me home from work today to tend the pans and things that are collecting the water.

Tomorrow and Friday the forecast is for 40% showers, so I don't know if they will work on those days.

Incidentally, the smaller blue tarp at the right is to cover the chimney work - we are having our chimney rebuilt too.

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Zhoen said...

Sorry about the rain, I did what I could. But I guess the order for dry weather got mislaid.