Wednesday, August 06, 2014

when blocks of cheese are round

So there I was, approaching the kitchen window at camp, the chef asks me if the table I am retrieving a tray of food for is round or rectangular. I say it is circular and I get a chuckle out of her.

This chef produces fairly good meals considering she has to feed about 150 people at each meal on a somewhat limited budget, however, many find her very difficult to deal with due to her brusqueness.

I generally get along with most people, and for her there is no exclusion. It is a matter of understanding how people are; if she is brusque but it is not through meanness that she is, learn to take it without taking it personally.

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Zhoen said...

I am brusque. I have had to train myself not to be, or at least to smile. In a hurry, in an emergency, I'm back to terse.