Thursday, September 18, 2014

branching out into Scotland?

It's their big day today. Who knows what the end result will be.

Separatists here in Quebec are looking on in the hopes that this activity will inspire a movement here.

I am highly doubtful. There is very little that is comparable between the situation in the UK and the situation here in Canada.

For example, the question...
Scotland: Should Scotland be an independent country?
Quebec in 1995: Do you agree that Quebec should become sovereign after having made a formal offer to Canada for a new economic and political partnership within the scope of the bill respecting the future of Quebec and of the agreement signed on June 12, 1995?

For example, history...
Scotland: a fabled history having been an independent country for many centuries.
Quebec: A province that was a founding partner in forming a country called Canada way back in 1867.

I wish the best for those who live in Scotland, whatever the outcome.


Zhoen said...

I just wanna see how the various flags turn out. And what money they use.

Phil Plasma said...

Scotland has rich oil fields in the North Sea that will help prop it up, though for how long is anyone's guess as oil is in decline everywhere.

Debstar said...

We had a similar referendum here a few years back but no one could agree on exactly how we would be running our own country so it fell through.