Monday, October 13, 2014

the onion looked clean to me

So yes, I was berated yesterday for having prepared a salad and was caught cutting the onion which to me had already been peeled to get the dirty layer off the top but it was indicated to me that one more layer needed to be removed.

I tell you, I am not meant to be in the kitchen except for those times when cleaning is to be done.

Got my 12yo son to get involved with leaf raking this past weekend, so he added some bags to the seasonal tally.

Today is Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada. I am working, however, as I had to take a few days off last week.

This past weekend's leaf bag count: 5 bags
Total Leaf Bag Count for Fall 2014: 9 bags.

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Zhoen said...

Ah, D has problems with removing the last, papery layer as well. It's not dirty, but it is tough.

Happy Gratitude Day!