Thursday, October 16, 2014

when the rainbows go on strike

I did once write a limerick. It didn't contain any petunias. Also, the placemats used in every third dining room had one or more corners that curled just very slightly. Mentioning that the anthropocene is a period that could lead to the extinction of many species, even possibly homo sapiens, is not the kind of thing that people like to hear in house parties.

In other news today is the very first October 16, 2014 of this year.


ghost said...

I prefer haiku
they make much more sense to me
I prefer haiku

Phil Plasma said...

I don't recall ever having written a haiku, except, perhaps, in a high school English class.

Zhoen said...

I'd like to read a limerick about a petunia.

Haiku is a form
Easy to disguise in prose.
A sneaky poem.

Debstar said...

Curling placemats
They can be very disconcerting to anyone with OCD.
They would bother me greatly.
I do not have OCD
Or curling placemats.
I am not trying to write haiku.
I do not know how.

meznor said...

The Fifth Extinction is a book that depressed the heck out of me, and it's where I learned about the anthropocene age we are living in. It also motivates me to take some sort of action to do what I can to help humanity convince itself to start repairing itself.

(I don't think as one person I have the ability to actually help humanity change directly, but this communications thing is something I suppose I've gotten good at so perhaps I can use it for the greater cause.)

meznor said...

*the Sixth Extinction, not Fifth. By Elizabeth Kolbert. It's an important book to read in our time.