Monday, November 17, 2014

being pious like an aardvark

I don't talk much about my religion or my involvement with my church on this blog.

I am Roman Catholic and go to church weekly, and occasionally more often. My two oldest sing in the kids choir and during the summer, G-bot also alter serves. I am part of the capital campaign committee at the church where over the last three years we raised over 235,000$ to replace the roof of the church.

I do not agree with all of the tenets as prescribed by the leading authority of my religion, but I do not feel that should stop me from getting involved in my parish. We do a lot of good work for our community and beyond the borders of our community and by being a member of the church we form a part of a large support group that will be in a position to help each other if ever civilization starts to tremble.

Why I bring this up is that our bishop and his team organized a Parish Vitality Conference that took place this past weekend and it really invigorated the dozen or so of us from my church that went. There were sessions on a variety of topics that are all intended to help revitalize our church. We (those of us who went to the conference) are meeting in the next week or so to review our notes and to develop an action plan for our church. It is what has been occupying my mind for the most part since Friday last week (the first day of sessions).

I have loads more to write about this, but I figure this is enough for now for my blog.

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