Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Creating a version of

It was extremely windy last night and promises to be extremely windy again tonight.

Last night my home lost power from about 9:30PM until around midnight. Not a big deal as we had taken care of most things and were winding down anyhow.

The number of pairs of socks that I own is inversely proportional to the odds I will miss my train home tonight.

I am feeling particularly sleepy at this moment. Perhaps I will have a nap. Or not.


Pat Hatt said...

Windy here as well, power can go out all it wants at bed time.

Debstar said...

No wind here. Just hot, hot, hot, and we haven't hit summer yet.

Debstar said...

Isn't it cold inside your house when there is no power to heat it? Remember, it might sound like a dumb question to you but it never gets below 10 degrees here.

Phil Plasma said...

Houses in Canada are usually very well insulated and so it takes time for the temperature to drop significantly. That night that it was very windy the temperature outside was 7C while inside the house, up until the power went off, the temperature was at 21C. On a windy day the temperature will drop more quickly as compared to a non-windy day, but with the insulation we have, it still takes a lot of time for the temperature to drop significantly.

If the temperature outside was -20C and it was windy, our house temperature would drop more quickly.

Zhoen said...

Socks have a very high divorce rate.