Tuesday, December 16, 2014

if serendipity stopped wearing t-shirts

The holidaze are almost upon us. The last couple of years I was fortunate to have two weeks off; this year I am not so fortunate. On the other hand, it promises to be fairly quiet at work for the days I'll be working so that's not all terrible.

As things stand presently....
Monday, December 22, at work.
Tuesday, December 23, at work.
Wednesday, December 24, backup to one employee who will be in the office, so I'll need to be available.
Thursday, December 25th, Merry Christmas! (not working)
Friday, December 26th, work from home only if something comes in.

Monday, December 29th, at work.
Tuesday, December 30th, originally scheduled to be at work, but I am taking this day off to prepare for our annual Pre New Year's Eve party.
Wednesday, December 31st, at work (possibly hungover, definitely exhausted).
Thursday, January 1st, Happy New Year! (not working)
Friday, January 2nd, not working.

Are you getting any time off during the holidays?


Pat Hatt said...

The last 7 years I've had 2 weeks off at christmas, this year, nope. Got stuck working, hmph!

Phil Plasma said...

Oh well, at least you had it seven years in a row.

Zhoen said...

Just the day. Lucky to have that. Boxing Day will be short, though.

Debstar said...

Every day is a holiday for me.