Tuesday, December 02, 2014

It seems the further

So here at 45.500611N,73.574412W, the sun rose this morning at 7:15AM and will set tonight at 4:12PM. This means there are eight hours and 57 minutes of sunlight today. The sun will rise again tomorrow morning at 7:16AM. This means there will be fifteen hours and four minutes of night time.

What is your equivalent?


Zhoen said...

9:26:56 hours of sunlight today. 0733-1700. Lat: 40.77069°N Lon: 111.96503°W Elev: 4226ft.

Phil Plasma said...

You've one upped me by providing elevation. I'm on the fifth floor of my building which is actually the sixth, since the ground floor is two storeys high. I'm not certain how high that actually is, but at the ground where I am the elevation is 171 feet.

Nice that you have longer daylight hours.

Zhoen said...

That is the altitude from noaa.gov, not precise for my personal position, just the weather station.

Debstar said...

Sunrise is 4.41am though first light is 4.15. Sunset is 6.30pm. At 5am the bloody lorikeets are screeching and squabbling over the food that our half wit of a neighbour puts out. Our other neighbour, who lives next to the half wit, started sawing and hammering at 4.30am on Sunday. It can be awfully difficult to like my neighbours.