Friday, December 12, 2014

reselliing used dandelion exhaust pipes

I feel for my blogmate ghost, I have no idea what I can do for him to relieve him of his funk. If anyone could use a boost up, it's him.

I'm so pleased for my blogmate mesh who just got a dream job, I really hope it all works out as she dreams it will.

I'm thankful that my blogmate Deb has starting posting with some regularity again, it's nice to see what is happening in her world.

I enjoy reading blogmate Zhoen's posts, often they are very thought provoking while other times, they are intriguing to see how the cats, garden or house are going.

Just recently I've started going to Pat's blog, he who likes to rhyme; I find his posts are just a tad on the long side so I don't read each one, but the ones I read I do enjoy.

I miss some of my past blogmates, in particular The OE, previously known as ManNMotion - I enjoyed all of his being a secret agent tips. Also, BrothaBuck who would occasionally put some of his original art - single frame cartoons, on his blog which were really entertaining.

I read other blogs but those are mostly informative; I just read them, I don't post there.

If I have forgotten anyone, it is because my left ankle is just slightly sorer than my right one.


Zhoen said...

Blogistan is in constant flux.

meznor said...

I also miss the OE. He is, alas, a ManNMotion.

Thank you for your well wishes. I signed the contract today.

Debstar said...

Ditto to what meznor said, except for the contract bit. I signed nothing today.